Natural Treatments for HPV and Cervical Dysplasia

Our approach to treating HPV (human papillomavirus) is to strengthen the body’s immune system to fight the HPV virus as well as provide natural anti-viral therapies.  Several factors such as nutrient deficiencies and chronic stress can cause the immune system to become weakened therefore making it easier for one to become infected with the virus.  Additionally, if one already has the virus in their body, the virus can become active and start replicating should a trigger such as stressful event weaken the immune system. Currently, there is no “cure” for HPV, but the best solution aims to put the HPV virus into dormancy so it doesn’t become active. 

HPV is the primary cause of abnormal cervical PAPs which can lead to cervical cancer.  This virus can cause atypical cells on the cervix as well as precancerous conditions of the cervix.  Without regular PAPs and the right kind of care, it is possible for cervical cancer to develop.

The natural treatment approach to cervical dysplasia is to promote healing of the cervix by providing proper nutrients and herbs to initiate normal cell growth in the cervical tissues.  Our goal is to prevent progression to cervical cancer by treating the abnormal cervical cells in its early stages.  It is important to support the body’s cancer fighting abilities by correcting nutritional deficiencies and promote healthy food and lifestyle choices.  We believe in supplementing with targeted nutrients and botanicals that have been scientifically researched for their ability to fight the HPV virus and to heal abnormal cervical cells.

In addition to providing the proper nutrients, it is important to optimize the body’s ability to detoxify through the liver and kidneys.  When necessary, acupuncture may be used in conjunction with the cervical escharotic treatments to enhance the healing of the cervix and whole body.  Lab work is ordered for each patient to address underlying health issues that may contribute to compromised healing of the cervix and decreased immunity.

The natural treatment approach to HPV and cervical dysplasia is a preferred choice by many patients compared to invasive medical procedures such as surgery (LEEP), laser and freezing which removes a section of the cervix.  These procedures often come with a high risk of prolonged bleeding, scarring and future pregnancy risks such as miscarriages and early delivery.

It is from our experience that patients who proactively continue with their recommended post treatment plan and permanently adopt a healthy lifestyle will not exhibit recurrances of HPV or cervical dysplasia after their treatments.  In addition, many of our patients experience resolution or improvements with existing health conditions as the whole body is treated and not just the cervix.