Escharotic Treatment

Cervical escharotic treatments are a non-surgical treatment alternative to loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP), cryotherapy, conization and laser ablation for individuals who have been diagnosed with cervical dysplasia which is a pre-cancerous condition of the cervix.  Cervical escharotic treatments have been performed in individuals with positive high risk HPV status in addition to being diagnosed with CIN I, CIN II, and/or CIN III.

Escharotic treatments are an ideal treatment for women who are concerned about their fertility and ability to have healthy future pregnancies.  Procedures as the LEEP and other invasive standard medical treatments can scar the cervix, cause prolonged bleeding and potentially cause future miscarraiges and pre-term labor.

Naturopathic doctors have been using cervical escharotic treatments to successfully treat cervical dysplasia and HPV for decades.  Dr. Chan has modified the cervical escharotic treatments for her patients and can perform acupuncture during escharotic treatments to help patients have a more relaxed and effective treatment outcome. 
Escharotic treatments are performed in office and involve herbal preparations of bromelain, sanguinaria and zinc chloride applied directly to the cervix as well as the cervical canal.  The treatments are designed to gently remove abnormal cervical cells and HPV infected cells without injuring the cervix.  The treatments are typically recommended twice a week for a total of 5-6 weeks.  Depending on the severity of cervical dysplasia, the number of treatments may be extended.  During the course of the treatment, superficial layers of the cervix are gently removed without any adverse effects of bleeding, pain or scarring.

Escharotic treatments are highly effective in individuals who have also followed the dietary, supplement and suppository treatment recommendations.  It is important to not only remove tissues that are infected with HPV and abnormal cells, but to strenghten the immune system so the HPV virus can go into dormancy and remain inactive. 

For patients whom have already had surgical procedures such as the LEEP or Conization, it is essential to strenthen their immune systems to ensure that the HPV virus can go back into dormancy and not cause continued abnormal cervical cells. 

Dr. Chan's success rates have been excellent for most women who receive the full course of escharotic treatments followed by a suppository regimen.