Cancer Care and Support

We provide Naturopathic and Chinese medicine as adjunctive complementary therapies to patients undergoing conventional cancer treatments.  We believe integrative cancer care provides a more optimized approach to the success of cancer therapies because it takes into account the whole person, including the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of health. 

We utilize scientifically proven, evidence-based, as well as traditional methods of treatment that do not interfere with your current medical treatments.  Our goals of using both Naturopathic and Chinese medicine for cancer patients are to increase their immune function, decrease the side effects from chemotherapy or radiation and to enhance the patient’s inherent healing process.  

We work closely with your oncologist and encourage open communication with other members of your health care team to provide a collaborative approach to your health.  As a result, we are able to formulate an individualized treatment plan that is optimal for your needs.

The following is a list of supportive care provided by our clinic: 

♦ Education regarding certain types of cancer and the benefits and risks of various treatment options.  Every person is unique and depending on your cancer type and your individual constitution, we will educate you on which types of treatment options and which modalities in Naturopathic and Chinese medicine may be better suited for you. 

♦ Referrals to conventional medical doctors as needed.  We believe you, the patient should be under the care of doctors who understands and listens to your needs.  Should you feel that your doctors working with you on your cancer care team do not meet your standards, we will gladly recommend other physicians who may be a better fit for you.

♦ Stimulation of the immune system to defend against cancer and concurrent infections.  Since surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can take a toll on the immune system, the integrative approach of Naturopathic and Chinese medicine serves to naturally stimulate the body’s own immune function so it can recognize and destroy cancer cells.  Additionally, we encourage the immune system to continually produce its own arsenal of cancer-fighting cells especially after the patient’s cancer treatment regimen is over to increase their overall health. 

♦ Dietary therapeutics for patients, including those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  We are proponents of healthy food choices as we truly believe food is also medicine.  We always make specific food recommendations that will support your individual constitution as well as foods that can enhance your immune function.  Other dietary advice will be focused on how to make foods more palatable since you may develop a decreased appetite or lose your sense of taste during your cancer treatment regimen.

♦ Evidence-based nutritional supplementation tailored to your diagnosis.  Although we primarily believe you should obtain most of your nutrients through foods you eat, there have been numerous research  articles  indicating  specific  compounds  derived  from  vitamins, minerals, or botanicals helps to improve cancer treatment outcomes when used at targeted treatment  stages.   Additionally,  we  will  make  recommendations  to  discontinue  certain supplements you may be taking that may be negatively affecting your treatment therapies.  We are the only naturopathic medical clinic in Northern California who customizes each of our cancer patients Chinese herbal formulations.

♦ Decreasing side effects  of chemotherapy and radiation therapies such as nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, low blood counts, etc.  Acupuncture therapy has been effectively shown to reduce chemotherapy  induced  nausea  and  vomiting  in  cancer  patients  who  receive  weekly acupuncture treatments while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.  Additionally, weekly acupuncture sessions enhance the body’s immune status to fight off cancer cells.    

♦ Preparation  for  surgery  and  recovery to  aid  in  immune  enhancement,  wound  repair, nutrition, and prevention of adhesions from scar formation.  We will also counsel you on which  nutrients  you should  take  as  well  as  those  you should  discontinue  while  you are undergoing surgery to avoid unnecessary complications and to optimize your healing process.

♦ Maintenance  care  to  prevent  recurrence  and  optimization  of  the  body’s  detoxification pathways.  While the surgery, chemotherapy or radiation procedures may be over, your body has had a huge influx of foreign chemicals, radiation and trauma.  Depending on your type of treatment,  the  integrative  approach  of  Naturopathic  and  Chinese  medicine  will  help  to detoxify your system and repair your body by opening your elimination routes and enhancing immune function.

Your  integrative  Naturopathic  and  Chinese  medicine  treatment  plan  may  incorporate  the following modalities:
Nutritional Therapy
Botanical Medicine
Physical Medicine
Qi Gong
Other  therapies  may  also  be  utilized  on  an  individual  basis.  

An  individual  plan  will  be recommended and explained to each patient in detail so that you fully understand your treatment approach.  We encourage your questions and your full participation in all aspects of your care and healing process.

Our  goal  is  to  help  you understand the  possibilities  regarding  your  particular  cancer  and to address your specific needs.  Naturopathic and Chinese medicine has treatments that may help reduce the side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation in addition to optimizing the healing process after surgical procedures.  Through this process you will learn how to take better care of yourself by making lifestyle changes that will lead you to live healthier and have a better quality of life.