Weight Loss Naturally

Helping patients achieve weight loss permanently, effectively and safely is our philosophy at Bay Area Naturopathic Medicine.  We as integrative medicine doctors take the time to help our patients build the proper foundation for effective weight loss solutions.  We give our patients guidance and support by working with them long term and helping them with the lifestyle changes that are essential for success.   

We believe no one size fits all when it comes to weight loss.  Patients have unique genetics, individual health goals and existing medical conditions that we as doctors have to take into consideration and work with to provide the most optimal weight loss plan. 

As integrative medicine doctors, we specialize in identifying and addressing underlying factors which inhibit weight loss.  We counsel our patients with specific dietary guidelines, promote proper digestion, optimize liver detoxification pathways, ensure proper thyroid metabolism, identify underlying nutrient deficiencies and treat insulin resistance and food sensitivities.   

While this kind of a natural weight loss program requires diligence, successful weight loss takes persistence over a long period of time as we adopt new lifestyle changes and make them permanent instead of temporary.  It is important for our patients to set small achievable goals for themselves and take small steps at a time.  While this type of program takes longer, most of our patients do not have relapses of weight gain as they have adopted healthier lifestyle changes and have learned how to balance the stress in their lives.