"Dear Dr. Huynh and Dr. Chan,

I wanted to take a little time to say two important words…Thank you. Those words are used to loosely these days. I truly thank you for letting me be able to live a fuller, healthier life. I called your office two weeks before my 40th birthday and talk to Doctor Chan. She was comforting and reassuring that your office, Bay Area Naturopathic, could help me with debilitating menstrual cramps that I have been suffering with for over thirty years due to Fibroids and Endometriosis. I also had High Blood Pressure and was very anemic. Plain and simple I was a mess. I made my appointment on my 40th birthday and let me tell you it is one of the best gifts I have ever received.  My life has greatly improved.  I used to miss at least two days of work every month guaranteed.  I would walk around like a zombie for three weeks due being so anemic. I tried to plan my life (vacations, work projects, ect.) around my menstrual cycle. I even once missed my own birthday party because I was in so much pain.                               

Dr. Huynh…. Naturopathic doctors are not all the same. You have help me to heal my body and also educate me at the same time. I no longer feel helpless and defeated in my body. You are a true blessing from God. My husband, family and friends are amazed in the improvement of my health. One week ago I had my menstrual cycle and was at work and nobody new. I didn’t miss work, cancel dinner dates, nor reschedule appointments. I just lived life.  I am so blessed that my husband is now seeing you. I just can’t thank you enough. You are truly truly truly a blessing." --Anonymous 10/06/16

"Like many before me, I came to see Dr. Chan for help with a positive HPV status. I'd already been through “LEEP” and was advised by my doctor to “wait and see” then have another test in a year to see if anything had changed. I did not want to do that knowing the end result would mean more invasive procedures if HPV was still present.

After much research I chose Dr. Chan. Just reading the information on their website convinced me it would be a good choice. It was well written and expressed a caring attitude. Plus Dr. Chan has had much success treating HPV.

For the past year Dr. Chan has guided me through achieving a better diet, the right supplements for the condition and thoughtful recommendations. She's always willing to listen, explain her choices and never makes you feel rushed. It has taken discipline on my part but definitely worth it. My latest test revealed HPV is no longer present! Not only that my whole body feels better thanks to her expert guidance!

The doctors in the office, Dr. Chan and Dr. Huynh, are delightful! They always take time to answer any questions you may have and engage in everyday conversation. The office is always clean, comfortable. A wonderful find!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" --Anonymous 08/18/16

"I have never in my life encountered physicians as patient and as caring as these two.  Dr. Huynh never once rushed me or tried to finish my sentences, he listened intently to everything I had to say.  The integriety and compassion they exhibited with me was remarkable. They recognize that we are all complex creatures, and they understand all of these complexities and how they are interrelated.  The knowledge of Dr. Huynh and Dr. Chan is as vast as it is complete." --Anonymous 3/16

"I have been a patient of Dr. Huynh, ND, since July 2014 and he is nothing short of AMAZING.  The reasons I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Huynh are not necessary to share, and I say this because we all have different health concerns, so to share mine are not the point here.  If you are willing to make lifestyle changes and opt into his recommendations, then results are what you will get. You will find that he treats the INDIVIDUAL.  You are not a carbon-copy of all his other patients.  There will be specific formulas created especially for you!  There may be some vitamin supplements prescribed, however, he is not over-the-top on these, and unless really necessary, he prefers whole food nutrition over them.

He was a referral from a friend, who also went to him via referrals.  I have come to trust referrals and only go to doctors from these trusted resources.  In turn I have referred many of my clients to Dr. Huynh and it comes as no surprise when they send me follow-up reports on how pleased they are with him, and the results they have experienced from his areas of expertise.
If you want to see a doctor who listens to your health concerns, no matter what type or level, then Dr. Huynh is the ND to schedule some time with.  Talking about time?  Don't expect to be in and out within 15 to 20 minutes like most medical doctors.  First visit expect at least 1-1/2 to 2 hours!  Yes, it's thorough indeed!  If results are what you want, then schedule an appointment with Dr. Huynh.  He's kind, caring, extremely knowledgeable and he will make you feel very special!  Besides this, the office is warm and inviting, so you already feel better just walking into the suite.  You will not be disappointed."
--Sharon Proulx

"I have been a patient of Dr. Huynh and Dr. Chan throughout my conventional cancer treatments over this past year starting Oct 2013.  I became acquainted with their practice when they performed critical test related blood work for me when other doctors would not. I have found them to be experts in complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) while applying combined knowledge in both Western and Eastern practices - specifically treating the body as the complete unit through nutrition and minimal, supplemental balance based on science. I believe it was this approach that allowed me to sail through my Chemo and radiation therapy. I have experienced no neuropathy, edema or lingering pain during or after my treatments. Throughout this ordeal they have discussed my treatment fully, thoroughly and continue to consider every science based angle for my problem as an individual. You are not a number or just another tten-minuteoffice visit to these doctors.

I cannot express my gratitude for their commitment to such a true way of practice and so very thankful I found them. I believe it's this form of practice that is essential to health and wish it were applied to all western and conventional medicine so all could benefit." --Joanne Madams

“I highly recommend Dr Tracy Chan in the treatment of a positive HPV diagnosis.  She is an outstanding and caring doctor who is highly specialized in dealing with such a depressing HPV positive diagnosis.  In January 2015, I was diagnosed with a normal pap and positive HPV.  The diagnosis was very distressing to me and I was unsure as to what to do.  After the diagnosis, the only advice from my gynecologist was to "sit and wait and see what happens." The advice was to wait another year and get another test to see if anything would change. 

After much research and prayer, I found Dr Chan on the internet.  I called and actually spoke with her on the phone and she agreed to treat me.  I live on the east coast and Dr Chan is located on the west coast of the United States--thousands of miles apart and with a 3 hour time zone change,  Nevertheless, through phone calls, emails, and shipments of packages with the supplements, she treated me as a patient in an excellent manner.  She was extraordinarily caring and timely in returning my phone calls, emails, and sending my packages. 

I started the treatments in February 2015 and continued them month by month.  She advised me to change my diet, suggested an exercise routine and ways to get rid of stress, and prescribed supplements for me.  I tried my best to take her advice and incorporate it into my daily life.  At the end of August 2015, I retook the HPV test and received my results in September 2015.  The results were HPV negative!  I am ecstatic! I am very appreciative to Dr Chan who specializes in this treatment and is the very best at treating patients with this diagnosis.  In addition, she is such caring and concerned doctor which is icing on the cake!  Ladies—you don't have to believe the negative reports from the doctor and be hopeless.  There is hope!”  --P.A. 10/09/15

“I came to Dr.Chan nervous and not knowing what to expect.  The only information my regular doctor gave me regarding my positive HPV and LGSIL diagnosis was to wait and watch.  I came to Dr. Chan after a stressful 2.5 years of watching and waiting.  Dr. Chan calmed my nerves and answered any questions I might have had.  I actually didn’t ask very many questions since she covered just about everything I was concerned about.   After my escharotic  treatments with Dr. Chan, my results came back HPV negative and my pap was normal.  Six months after my treatments I went back to my regular physician and my results were the same, HPV negative and my pap was still normal.  Fewwww!  My only regret is that I waited 2.5 years to see her.   It’s comforting to know I have Dr. Chan in my corner to help if I have to endure this issue again in the future.” --Anonymous 5/18/15

"I visited Dr. Chan's office with the hope that the natural treatment can be as effective as the other conventional treatments available at my gyn's office, but less invasive and easier to heal. Dr. Chan was very professional and supportive to her patients. She not only provided excellent treatment therapy so that I can get normal pap result, but also gave me suggestions on building a stronger immune system. Dr. Chan was prompt to all my questions and concerns. Many thanks to Dr. Chan for what she has done!" -- Anonymous 2/8/15

"After talking to a few naturopathic doctors in the area, I choose Dr. Chan for the treatment of high grade cervical dysplasia primarily due to her academic background and experience. I was a bit nervous at first when I started the treatment. However, every time I met her during the course of my treatment, I was more and more convinced each time that I made the correct choice. Not only am I HPV/dysplasia free, she has also given me tools to be healthy overall. Her focus was not only to clear the HPV/dysplasia, but also to help me adapt healthier life style changes. She is incredibly thorough, patient, caring, and supportive. I am now healthier than I've ever been in my life! Thank you Dr. Chan." -- Anonymous 9/19/14

"After I tested positive for HPV my doctors informed me that there was nothing they could do, and that we would just simply need to wait and watch to see what happens. They told me that HPV was very common and that most cases go away in two years. Eventually I decided to seek a natural method to rid my body of HPV after I developed CIN 1. When I visited Dr. Chan she put me on a vitamin and suppository regimen. She also helped me understand what foods I should avoid and what foods I should eat more of. I followed her advice for a whole year. I also had 10 escharotic treatments with her. In December of 2011 my gynecologist informed me after a routine pap that I had tested negative for HPV.

I am very grateful for Dr. Chan’s help. She is extremely knowledgeable about what must be done in order to get rid of HPV. Dr. Chan helped me to understand the importance of my overall health in ridding my body of HPV. Because of her I changed my lifestyle, which I believe is one of the critical reasons for my healing. I will always be grateful to Dr. Chan for the excellent care that she gave me. She was a great source of wisdom and support throughout my ordeal. The expert regimen that she put me on was what made me well again. The likelihood of my HPV going away on its own seemed like a remote possibility, but thanks to Dr. Chan this has become a reality. Thank you again Dr. Chan!" -- H.A.

"I am extremely thankful to Dr. Tracy Chan for her superb naturopathic treatments and invaluable advice on how to improve my condition and overall health. More than that, she is, to me, a beacon of light at the end of a dark tunnel as I was facing a dead end due to the lack of alternative treatment options in Asia.  This was my first experience with naturopathic medicine and  I had to fly halfway across the world to undergo treatment with a doctor whom I have never met but she patiently answered my questions beforehand and laid my doubts to rest. Thus, I had full confidence to make the trip over solely for the purpose of a three week course of treatment with her. Dr. Chan is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her patients. She listened and tailored a treatment protocol very well suited to my individual circumstances and this cured my condition in just a few short months. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Chan for giving me a new lease in life with more energy and a healthier body than before." -- S.S.

"I was over the moon and in complete and utter disbelief that after battling this for two years my HPV test is finally negative.  I feel like I have finally turned a corner and it is ALL THANKS TO YOU." --H.O.

"2 weeks ago I went for my Pap, praying for the best, and guess what? I finally have a clean Pap after being tormented for a year!!  I am so so so happy with my results - a normal pap and HPV negative.  Thank you!! Thank you so much for the treatment and advice! I guess not much words could express my gratitude, but I'm really thankful that I made my trip down to the States and to your clinic. This is definitely the best Christmas gift I've ever received, and a super great start for 2014 :)))) The wonderful results have given me a lot of hope, and I certainly wish to stay like this for as long as I can." --L.T.